About the Band

Tom Farnham - lead vocals, guitar, ukulele

Tom Farnham – lead vocals, guitar, ukulele

Born and raised in Northern California, Tom began playing the guitar and singing at the age of 7.  By the time he was 16 he was playing with local bands, blending his performance art, singer-songwriter, and solid guitar skills. Since then he has continued to hone his craft on stages throughout the western United States. Along with a bone-deep natural groove, his acoustic and vocal-harmony roots and his love of funky R&B (“Funksway’s the Only way!”), Tom’s versatility with all facets of creating and sharing a gamut of emotional musical experiences for the enjoyment of others has led him to perform with a diverse group of artists.

Pamela Joyce - lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussion

Pamela Joyce –lead vocals, guitar, ukulele

Pamela Joyce, the no-holds-barred, soulful singer with Bay Area favorites “FunkSway”  the acoustic 3-piece duo, “2 Of Us” and currently the all woman band, “Foxes In The Henhouse’  has been singing on stages from coast to coast for more than 3 decades. Growing up in the northeast, she started singing and playing guitar in folk groups and cover bands in the early 70’s. Since moving to California in 1979, her musical flexibility has enabled her to perform with a variety of bands in the San Francisco Bay Area.Pamela Joyce’s  far-reaching vocals offer glimpses of her early musical influences. Taking cues from some of the greatest women of Jazz (Ella), Folk (Joni), Blues (Bonnie), Soul (Aretha) and Rock (Janis), she has developed a style that ranges from singing sweet ballads to singing back up vocals with complex harmonies. PJ is also known for belting out a sassy bluesy number that’ll make ya blush.

John Lonacker – electric stand up bass

John Lonacker – electric stand up bass

Raised by beavers in Northern California, John started playing the Autoharp when he was 5; piano when he was 6; drums when he was 8; clarinet, cello, tuba, and E-flat alto horn through middle and high school.  He wasn’t any good at those instruments, but people encouraged him anyway…  Finally, practicing the Les Ismore philosophy, he chose Bass guitar because it had only four strings. He wasn’t tall enough at the time to play upright so he went electric.

Now with age, questionable wisdom, and his leftover KISS platform-shoe memorabilia, the Upright Electric Bass anchors the sound of the band.

OKAY…  Gianni may be the ultimate punster, but the depth he brings to our sound is serious.  We are indeed fortunate to have him performing with us.

Russ Gauthier – Lead vocals, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo

Russ Gauthier – Lead vocals, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro

Russ brings to the band that special thing that only a seasoned professional can give you (besides another smart-aleck sense of humor…).  He just seems to find the right place and add the right flavor, musically and vocally.

He has toured the world with multiple artists and performed with The New Riders of The Purple Sage for more than 20 years.  His compositions have been performed by the Joffrey Ballet!

Bruce Kurnow

Bruce Kurnow-harmonica and vocals

Rounding out the great sound of the band with extraordinary musicality is Bruce Kurnow.  Bruce  has been recognized with four Minnesota Music Awards for his harmonica, stringed harp and keyboard work .  He has been on the stage with Muddy Waters and Joh Lee Hooker and toured with the band Mason Proffit.

Athan Pasadis - Sound Engineer

Athan Pasadis – Sound Engineer He may be behind the scenes, but make no mistake, Athan is an integral member and the nuts and bolts of this band.   With strong sound and technical skills , coupled with a deep musical knowledge, Athan creates just the right mix for the complex layerings of instruments and vocals of D’Bunchovus.

As Tom says, “If the audience says we have a great sound, it’s because Athan is the wizard behind the curtain.”

He is also a working musician, playing keyboards with local bands Z and the Benders,  EZ-Kewl, Crossfire and others.[/one_third]